Apex Counseling Services -
Important Information about
Assessments for
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Issues

We are Licensed by the State of North Carolina
We are Certified by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
International Certification to complete Substance Abuse Assessments 
Our Services are Approved by the Court & Probation
Services Reimbursable by most Health Insurance

DWI Assessments
•  If your Driver's License has been suspended 
    in the State of NC due to a Driving While Impaired (DWI) 
    charge or conviction, we can help you get it back or get a 
    Temporary Driving Permit 10 days following your charge.
       Steps to take:
       1. Make a 1-hour Assessment appointment
       2. Bring a current copy of your NC Driving Record 
           or we can get it for you
       3. Bring in your Breathalyzer Report
       4. The $100 fee is set by the State & is payable by cash or check
•  When your Assessment has been Completed~
    ~You will receive your Assessment Report immediately
    ~Your Report will Verify your Enrollment in a Counseling Program 
      (required to get a Temporary Driving Permit) 
•  Even if you lost your Driver's License in North Carolina and have
    moved away, we can still help. The Director of Apex Counseling holds an  
    International Certification to practice Substance Abuse Counseling. Email us 
    for more information at apexcounseling@gmail.com

Substance Abuse Assessments
• If you think you may have an alcohol or drug problem
• If you have complaints from your employer
If you have school problems related to alcohol or drugs 
• If you have legal problems
• If you have family problems or if there has been
  domestic domestic violence

Mental Health Assessments
• If you feel you can't cope
• If you don't have anyone to turn to for help
• If you don't understand why you feel the way you do
• If you want to find out how to feel better again

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